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Otetiskiwin Kiskinwamahtowekamik School Staff

Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate (NNOC) Staff

Custodial Staff with Principal

Trustee and Staff Directory

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First Name
Last Name
Dolly M. Spence Chairperson
Jim Moore Vice-Chair
Kim Linklater Beardy Trustee
Bonnie M. Linklater Trustee
Darcy B. Linklater Trustee
Wanda Rae Spence-Bunn Trustee

Trustees may be contacted through the Administration Office.


Nisichawayasihk Education Authority Administration

Alice Moore Education Centre

All staff are listed alphabetically by their last names within each section.

Phone: (204) 484-2095

Fax: (204) 484-2783

First Name
Last Name
Paul Bonner CEO
Matilda Linklater Administration Assistant
Shirley Primrose Payroll Clerk
William Spence Community Liaison Worker
Earl Swanson Assistant Finance Comptroller
W. Elvis Thomas Director of Education
* 1-866-244-8632 or 571-0371


OtetiskiwinKiskinwamahtowekamik School (OK) [Grades K-8]

All staff are listed alphabetically by their last names within each section.

Phone: (204) 484-2242

Fax: (204) 484-2002

First Name
Last Name
Gail Gossfeld-McDonald Vice-Principal
Theresa Hartley Coordinator - Resource
Ernesta Rivais Principal
Natalie Tays


Tina Thankachi Kurup

Math/Science Coordinator

Administration Support
Sally Gamblin Administrative Support
Sharon Linklater Administrative Support
Luis Perez Information Technology
Leona Swanson Administrative Support
Andrea Yu Information Technology
Classroom and Academic Support
W. Brent Badiuk Homeroom Teacher
Avelina Bensi Teacher
Freda Bighetty Teacher
Margaret Bird Teacher
Lorette Bonner Teacher
Sarah Borges Teacher
Nicole Byrne Homeroom Teacher
Judy Chaisson Resource Teachers
Trevor Clute Resource Teachers
Rita Collins Teacher
Andrew Collins Homeroom Teacher
Darwin Dumas Education Assistant
Deborah Duvall Homeroom Teacher
John Fisher FineArts/Music/Drama
Fay Flett Teacher
Susan Francois Teacher
Loretta Francois Teacher
Ross Francois Homeroom Teacher
Nancy George Library
Faye Gerard Guidance Counsellor
Donald Hart Cree Language Teacher
Phyllis Hart Teacher
Randy Hunter Hallway Monitor
Tyler Johnston Physical Education P
Doug Lang ELA/Soc St. Coordinator
Nathan Lang Homeroom Teacher
Susan Lavasseur Education Assistant
Graeme Linklater Home/School Coordinator and Hallway Monitor
Linda Linklater Teacher
Hope Linklater Education Assistant
Debra Linklater Education Assistant
Angie Linklater Education Assistant
Anna May Linklater Education Assistant
Keith Linklater Education Assistant
Graeme Linklater Hallway Monitor
Tammy Long Resource Teachers
David MacDonald Physical Education Jr
John McBain Homeroom Teacher
Jennifer McBain Homeroom Teacher
Joe Mercredi Cree Language Teacher
Olga Mon Education Assistant
Lynnette Moore Education Assistant
Linda Murphy Teacher
Frank Murphy Homeroom Teacher
Barbara Peters Teacher
Frederica Prince Teacher
Sheldon Prince Hallway Monitor
Lawerence Short Homeroom Teacher
Lenir Sommerville Resource Teachers
Wayne Spence Homeroom Teacher
Arnold Spence Education Assistant
Desmond Spence Education Assistant
Gwen Swanson Education Assistant
Hendrik Warnar-Brown Homeroom Teacher
Hubert Wiseman Industrial Arts
Andrew Wood Cree Language Teacher
Joyce Wood Education Assistant
Maintenance & Custodians
Brian Beardy Maintenance
Lydia Linklater Custodian
Carol Linklater Custodian
Darlene McDonald Custodian
Verna Moore Custodian
Nancy Peterson Custodian

Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate (NNOC) [Grades 9-12]  

All staff are listed alphabetically by their last names within each section.


Fax 484-2612

First Name

Last Name
Trevor Clute

Resource Teacher

Leroy Condappa Guidance and Counselling
Theresa Hartley Resource Coordinator
William Patyewych Principal

Classroom and Academic Support

Charmaine Condappa Teacher
John Fisher Teacher
Donald Hart Teacher
Beeley Huang Teacher
Alexander Makin Teacher
Gerald Mulligan Teacher
Colleen Parry Teacher
Donald Thomas Teacher
Julie Verge Teacher
Hubert Wiseman Teacher

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