Policies, Programs and Expectations

The Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc has a number of policies and programs in place designed to manage the expectations of teachers, parents, the community we serve and of course, our students.

NNCEA Policy Manual

Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc has recently completed an extensive review of and revisions to its policies and has published a new Policy Manual that is organized into 11 Policy Series and three appendices. 

PDF versions of the Policy Series are available to view below (Adobe Acrobat required) by clicking on either the thumbnail or title. Because the three appendices are mainly for internal use within the Authority, they are not published here. 

Select policies are summarized in the menu on the right, but wording in the Policy Series docments is official.

Print versions of the NNCEA Policy Manual are available to view at the NNCEA Administration Office.

Individual Policy Series docments

Purpose, Introduction and Index

Policy Series 100:

Foundations and Beliefs

Policy Series 200:

Board Governance and Operations

Policy Series 300:

General Administration

Policy Series 400:

Business Finance Administration

Policy Series 500:

Personnel and Employee Relations

Policy Series 600:

Programs and Services

Policy Series 700:

Public Relations

Policy Series 800:

Support Services

Policy Series 900:


Policy Series 1000:


Policy Series 1100:

Information Technology


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