Parent Information

Parents are an important part of our educational team. As such, parents are encouraged to visit the school often.

Parents should report to the office on arrival at the school.

Nursey-Grade 2 Parent Resources

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• Nelson House Medicine Lodge

Grade 3-Grade 5 Parent Resources

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Grade 6-Grade 8 Parent Resources

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Brain Development Resources

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Parenting Resources

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Volunteers Needed

Parents are encouraged to get involved in their children's education by volunteering at the school.

We need volunteer help to support our Library Program, as well as our Breakfast and Lunch Program and to provide additional assistance to our Special Needs Program.

Homework can be a follow-up to assignments that have been developed from the teaching of concepts during the course of the school day. The purpose of homework is to check mastery of the concepts that have been taught. Homework may be assigned at all levels of the school but especially at the middle years namely grades 5 to 8.

Native Language - Cree
Parents are encouraged to talk to their children in the Native language as often as possible so that language fluency in Cree is maintained. Conversation in the living room, in a vehicle, and around the table while eating is an excellent opportunity to use the Native language. It is recommended that languages are not to be interchanged during a conversation. Use either English or the Cree Language.

Frequency of usage in the Native language will lead to better comprehension, fluency and ease in dialogue.

Reading & Comprehension
Comprehension and critical thinking are identified as areas of concern in the educational programs. Parents and older siblings are encouraged to read to younger siblings. Reading and writing are the roots of literacy.

Literacy refers to the ability to read, write and comprehend.

Field trips
Parental consent in writing is required for all field trips that require travel outside of the community. The School Board will not entertain requests for overnight trips. Any requests for field trips must be submitted in writing to the School Board four (4) weeks prior to the trip. Teachers are encouraged to fundraise during the school year for these activities.


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