General Overview

All policies and procedures are designed to provide for the safety and wellbeing of students.

A Community School

Our school is a community school. Our aim is to provide a warm, safe, loving, and caring environment for students.

Caregivers are to be kept informed of school events and activities on a regular basis.

The staff must be committed to providing quality educational programs and students’ progress must reflect actual achievement.

Students’ marks should reflect actual accomplishments and should be consistent with provincial standards.

Parents Are Part of the Team

The information provided in this guide is very general. If there are any questions, concerns, suggestions and/or a need for more details, please feel free to contact the school principal and/or instructional staff at (204) 484-2242 and they will be glad to discuss them with you.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to assist students in meeting their educational needs by giving them the opportunity to acquire knowledge, skills, and attitudes that are necessary to retain their cultural identity, while enabling them to deal with the social, economic, and cultural challenges of life.

Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc
The Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc's functions are as follows:

  1. To establish clear directions for the school by developing school policies and procedures
  2. To oversee the direction of the local school programs
  3. To hire staff
  4. To establish the school year, dates, and hours
  5. To determine the allocation of funding as it relates to all education including Post-secondary
  6. To establish clear expectations and guidelines for access to post-secondary funding and sponsorship.

School Goals and Objectives
Our school's have clearly defined goals that the School Board wishes to achieve.

These goals are centered on students' successes, personal well being, and self-esteem.

The goals and objectives are as follows:

School Board

  • To develop a school plan for effective and positive School/Board communication.


  • To develop and coordinate planning with staff on a school wide basis
  • To provide a loving, caring and nurturing environment for all students regardless of challenges.


  • To provide parents with explicit information about students' progress and functional levels
  • To improve communication between the home and the school.


  • To encourage high achievement standards and a love for learning
  • To be sensitive to others who may be different
  • To develop positive self images and behavioral patterns, and
  • To develop positive participation and responsibility.

Post-secondary Education

  • To assist NCN members to gain access to post-secondary education so that they may graduate with the qualifications and skills needed to pursue individual careers and contribute to the achievement of self-government and economic self-reliance.




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