O.K. Attendance Policy

The school year ranges between 195 to 197 days per school year of which 10 days will be used for administration and professional development.

O.K. school encourages excellent attendance among students. Because students who attend classes part time complete only part of the curriculum, regular attendance is essential for success in education.

Therefore, a minimum of 85% attendance is required. Parents/guardians are required to ensure their children attend school regularly, and to call the school if their child will be absent .

Student’s Absence Due to Sickness
Teachers are to be informed of student's illness.

When a child is absent because of sickness, parents should contact the school or send a note as to the duration and nature of the illness along with any precautions that the student must observe when returning to school, to avoid any further complications and/or for a speedy recovery. A letter or note is required from the nursing station for illness in excess of one week.

Students are expected to be in their homerooms no later than 8:30 a.m. Otherwise, they are marked as late.



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