Health & Safety

Learning and Health

Learning is at its best when students are healthy, while attending classes.

Please advise the school of any health problems such as allergies, hearing defects, etc.

Breakfast and Lunch Program

NNCEA receives funding from the Nisichawaysihk Trust CAP fund to provide healthy and nutritious lunches for students living more than one kilometre from school. The program is seeking volunteers.

The Healthy Snacks Program serves fruit and vegetables three times a week for Nursery to Grade 4 students in partnership with the Province of Manitoba.

Illness at School

Students who become ill at school will be made comfortable.

Students may be kept at school or sent home.

Students who are injured, or who become seriously ill at school will be taken to the health centre and parents will be notified promptly.

Smoke Free Environment

No smoking is allowed in school or on school property by visitors, students, staff, and community members. School property refers to all areas within the school and around the school, including the playground.

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