Discipline Policy

Nisichawayasi Nehetho Culture and Education Authority Inc believes that all students, staff members, and community members have the right to attend school without fear for their safety and well being.

The Education Authority believes there is never an excuse for bringing inappropriate behaviour to school.

Our School is an excellent facility with dedicated and professional staff. Our teaching staff are committed to offering our students outstanding educational opportunities that will enhance their transition into the work force.

In return our students are expected to recognize the efforts of our staff towards their education by displaying respectful and courteous behaviour at all times and by following school expectations.

Students are expected to:

  1. Act with "safety" in mind
  2. Do not interfere with the learning of other students in the school.
  3. Be courteous and respectful to all staff and fellow students.
  4. Obey class and school rules.
    - Show up on time
    - Be prepared
    - Complete assignments
    - Respect self and others

The following behaviors should be avoided because they are neither in the best interest of students nor in the schools best interest:

  • Profanity and/or abusive language.
  • Insubordination to school employees.

All students are subject to these expectations. Students who persist in defying expectations will be restricted in their activities.

Staff refers to all persons who are associated with the school and includes custodial/maintenance personnel and transportation drivers.

Consequences for Inappropriate Behaviours
The school’s disciplinary procedures will be implemented for inappropriate or abusive forms of behaviours. Parents will be informed at all levels of the disciplinary process and the age of the student will determine specific consequences. A warning letter will be sent to parents if a student refuses to follow school rules before disciplinary action goes into effect. The purpose of the warning letter is to notify parents that their child is at risk.

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