Parents will be notified of important happenings by letters, monthly newsletters, home visits and parent-teacher meetings.

Parents are encouraged to visit the school to discuss and/or view their child's progress and work.

Parents are encouraged to telephone the school and set up meetings with teachers to discuss student’s progress.

Instructional and support staff will not be called to the telephone during the school day.

Persons calling are encouraged to leave their names and telephone numbers with the secretary and the information will be passed on to the individual staff member.

Personal calls are not to be charged to the school’s telephones.

Collect calls will not be accepted.

Staff should have a calling card.

Students will not be called to the telephone during school hours.

The telephone is off-limits to students.

Emergencies are the only exception to these rules.

Public Address System
The public address system should not be used to interrupt classes during the instructional day.



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