2012 NEA Board of Trustees

(elected April 11, 2012)

   Board Members

Dolly M. Spence


Jim Moore

Vice Chair

Kim Linklater Beardy


Bonnie M. Linklater


Darcy B. Linklater


Wanda Rae




Other Advisor

Ron Spence

NCN Counsellor – Education Portfolio

New Board Elected April 11

Nisichawayasihk Education Authority's April 11 election for six board trustees resulted in 618 ballots cast and the election of the following trustees.

Name (votes received)

  • Wanda Rae Spence-Bunn   (293)
  • Dolly M. Spence   (235)
  • Kim Linklater-Beardy (224)
  • Darcy B. Linklater (213)
  • Jim Moore (206)
  • Bonnie M. Linklater (198)

A swearing-in ceremony will be held Tuesday, April 17 at 5:00 p.m. in the O.K. School Gym.

A total of 21 candidates were on the ballot for the NEA board trustee election.

An official copy of the complete election results can be seen at the NEA Administration Office (Alice Moore Education Centre) in Nelson House.

Message from the Board

Student attendance is a top priority of the Nisichawayasihk Education Authority Board.

We are very pleased to report that all indicators show the quality of the education we offer our children is improving.

This has only been possible through the commitment of dedicated teaching staff and administrators. However, we still have much more to do before we are able to give our children a standard of education equal to that offered anywhere else in Canada.

Keeping our young people in school is the board’s number one priority. Not only is it essential to the well being of the individual student, but the wider student body as well.

Our community will continue to work together to build on the considerable and measurable improvement in the quality of education we have been able to deliver to our students over the past few years.

Dolly M. Spence

Chair of the Board

Board Reports

The Nisichawayasihk Education Authority Board is pleased to provide downloadable copies
of the Authority's:

  • 2010-11 Year in Review,
  • School Evaluation 2010-11
  • School Evaluation 2010-11
    Executive Summary

in PDF format.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is required

to view.)  Click below to open.


Year in Review


School Evaluation


Executive Summary




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