Bursaries Available

NCN post-secondary sponsorship applicants are eligible to apply for bursaries at the links below:

Links to other organizations offering bursaries will be added above as information becomes available.

Students interested in applying for awards should directly contact the awards administrators of the organizations offering the bursaries.  Contact information can be found on the respective links/websites.


ATEC to Offer New Post-secondary Programs in Nelson House

In 2009, for the first time, the Atoskiwin Training & Employment Centre (ATEC) in Nelson House offered post-secondary programs in Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN), First Year University Arts and a Mature Student Program.

For more information about start dates and requirements, please call ATEC directly at 1 (204) 484-2886 or
1 (866) 614-7686.



News and Bulletins

Clarification of Submission Requirements for Post-secondary Sponsorship Applicants

Due to a high number of incomplete applications for sponsorships received for past academic years, please note the following documents/information must be submitted along with your application form and other submission requirements as specified in the Post-secondary Sponsorship Program Guidebook or on the application forms.

Additional Documents required for submission with post-secondary sponsorship application form:

  1. A photocopy of your Status Card with the expiry date
  2. A photocopy of your Manitoba Health Card
  3. A brief family history (immediate family as far as you know: name grandparents, parents, siblings, where you were born, etc. Note if you are a Bill C-31
  4. A brief résumé showing your education and work history. (Education history should list educational institutions, programs and key dates, degrees/diplomas with years obtained, etc. e.g. 2004 – Graduated Grade 12, Vincent Massey Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB.; 2005 – Entered 3-year Social Work diploma program, Brandon University, Sponsored by NCN; 2008 – Graduated Social Work diploma.)
  5. Because of difficulties contacting some applicants, your application package (Form B, P. 1) must contain an active email address as well as a cell phone number (if available). If you do not have an email address, you can create one at no cost at a number of websites including gmail.com, hotmail.com and others.

PDF versions of the Sponsorship Guidebook and a revised Application Form containing this new information are available for download by clicking the links above in the right-hand column.

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