About Our Awards

Workplace Solutions Inc. – Awarded to a deserving Student enrolled in a high school program that has achieved his/her goals

Nelson House Teacher’s Association (N.H.T.A.) – Awarded to the student who has the highest mark in English

Christina Linklater Memorial – Awarded to the student who has shown an interest or aptitude in the area of Fine Arts

NCN Achimowin Communications (NCN CREE FM 98.1) – Awarded to the student with the highest mark in Math and Science

John Markowsky Ethinesewin Kuskitamasowin Scholarship – Awarded to a male and female graduate who has demonstrated exemplary academic acheivement, shows a strong commitment to learning, sharing, and preserving the culture of NCN

Garth Linklater Memorial Award – Awarded to a cultural student who helps other speak their language and understand their culture and traditions

Aski'otutskeo Ltd Enviornmnetal Socioeconomic Monitoring Award – Awarded to a graduate who demonstrates interest in environmental studies, environmental science, and math

Manitoba Hydro Scholarship Award – Awarded to students who have shown exemplary leadership qualities wtih a dedication to his/her educational goals

Governor General’s Bronze Academic Medal – Awarded to the student with the highest overall academic average in Grades 11 and 12

Valedictorian – Awarded to the student with the highest overall academic average in Grade 12, as well as by classmate votes

2014-15 Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate Graduates and Award Recipients


NNOC Graduates

Bria Beardy Richard Bunn
Issiah Constant James Fenton
Summer Flett Irene Hart
Ronald Lewis Edward Linklater
Justice Linklater Lydia Linklater
Michael Linklater Reva Linklater
Serena Linklater Tasha Moody
Leanne Neckoway Tammy Nozicka-Spence
Kathleen Prince Ariel Linklater
Hilary Spence Jordan Spence
Kyle Spence Ronel Spence
Richard Tait

ATEC Mature Student Graduates

(High School Equivalency)

Thomas Caribou Jesse Colomb
Caitlin Dumas-Francois Dylan Hart
Dawn Hartie Anita Linklater
Darnell Linklater Shaun Linklater
Ardelle McDonald Joshua McDonald
Maureen McDonald Hazel Moose
Elsie Moose-Hart Faith Munroe-Hart
Landon Parisien Lindsay Parisien
Brandon Spence Kyle Thorne

NNOC Graduate Award Recipients

Award Students
Workplace Solutions Inc
Aski'otutskeo Ltd Environmental Socioeconomic Monitoring Award

Nelson House Teacher's Association (N.H.T.A.)
Christina Linklater Memorial

NCN Achimowin Communications

(NCN CREE FM 98.1)

John Markowsky Ethinesewin Kuskitamasowin Scholarship

Garth Linklater Memorial Award
Manitoba Hydro Scholarship

Governor General's Bronze Academic Award


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