About Our Awards

Clarica – Awarded to a deserving Student enrolled in a high school program that has achieved his/her goals

North West Company – Awarded to the students who have achieved high marks in Academics or Sports, have good school and community participation and support fellow students

Nelson House Teacher’s Association (N.H.T.A.) – Awarded to the student who has the highest mark in English

Christina Linklater Memorial – Awarded to the student who has shown an interest or aptitude in the area of Fine Arts

NCN Achimowin Communications (NCN CREE FM 98.1) – Awarded to the student with the highest mark in Math and Science

Hubert Hart Memorial Award – Awarded to the student most involved in the community

Manitoba Hydro Scholarship Award – Awarded annually to a male and female Grade 12 graduate who have shown exemplary leadership qualities wtih a dedication to his/her educational goals, The Wuskwatim Project Ethinisiwi Kus-ski Tamasowin recognizes:

  • Demonstrated exemplary academic achievement
  • A strong commitment to learning, sharing and preserving the culture and traditions of the Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation people
  • A plan to attend a post-secondary institution in the year following graduation

Manitoba Hydro Wuskwatim Scholarship for Leadership Excellence – Awarded each year since the signing of the Project Development Agreement in 2006, this scholarship will be awarded annually for seven generations to two graduating students who have shown exemplary leadership qualities within the school and community

Valedictorian – Awarded to the graduating student chosen by classmate votes

2010-11 Nisichawayasihk Neyo Ohtinwak Collegiate Graduates and Award Recipients


NNOC Graduates

Kayle Brightnose Joceelyn Dumas
Keisha Hart Megan Kobliski
Mervin Linklater Martina Nicolas
Craig Swanson Cody Wood

ATEC Mature Student Graduates

(High School Equivalency)

Deanne Brightnose Geronimo Hart
Kaitlynn Hart Kyra Hart
Rachel Hart Gavin Hughes
Destiny Kobliski Charnelle Linklater
Garrick Linklater Preston Linklater
Scott Linklater Alexandra Moodie
Ashley Morris Natasha Peterson
Vincent Peterson Benita Spence
Janine Spence Carmella Wood

NNOC Graduate Award Recipients

Awards Recipients
Clarica Craig Swanson
North West Company Craig Swanson and Cody Wood
Nelson House Teacher's Association (N.H.T.A.) Craig Swanson
Christina Linklater Memorial Cody Wood

NCN Achimowin Communications

(NCN CREE FM 98.1)

Craig Swanson
Hubert Hart Memorial Mervin Linklater
Manitoba Hydro Scholarship Award Cody Wood (Male) and Kayla Brightnose.(Female)
Manitoba Hydro Wuskwatim Scholarship for Leadership Excellence

Craig Swanson (Male)

Jocelyn Dumas (Female)

Valedictorian Cody Wood


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